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Welcome to KaL.

It’s great to be welcoming you here.

Contrary to what you might think, this is NOT the first post I’ve made to the KaL blog. I’m not sure, but the previous posts have to number in the hundreds. This is actually the third time I’m launching KaL (and though I know just how much work is involved, hopefully this time, the blog will last as long as I do!)

The first go around for Kal, began sometime in the month of December 1999. Yes, 1999! Those of us who kept these journalling sites back then called them “web logs,” (as in ‘logging’ on the web). I was introduced to this notion by young woman named Rebecca Blood after happening upon her site called Rebecca’s Pocket.

The “Pocket” had a small/loyal following; basically all the other web log developers. In fact, there were likely less that 200 total then and they all knew, or certainly knew of, one another. Rebecca quite literately was mentored by Jorn Barger, the originator of web logging. Two of the others in this group were Ev Williams and Meg Hourihan who had just started Pyra Labs to build what would become Blogger. The following May, Ev, Meg and Rebecca were interviewed on a national NPR radio program by Christopher Lydon and blogging absolutely blew up like few trends seldom have, and the rest as they say, is history.

Early Days - Pyra Labs

]1 Ev William, Pyra Labs, 1999

That first iteration of KaL was a very rough labor of love. As you might imagine, these sites were pretty much hand-coded in html. Though I can’t recall the name of the tool I used, it was a semi-graphical HTML4 layout tool – a kind of ‘light predecessor’ to DreamWeaver. I remember there being frames and lot’s o tables. Not great! I stopping posting to this Kal sometime right after 9/11.

The second coming of KaL was launched in either June or July of 2006. I decided to get back into blogging again for a couple of reasons. I wanted to publish some ideas I had regarding launching a new business venture and I had just gotten a shinny new 17” Mac PowerBook G4 running at a blazing 1.33Mhz (top of the line, for its day). I sill have that machine and it runs, if plugged in, as the original battery runs for like 1-3 minutes and I’m sure they don’t make those batteries any longer. This was my first experience using WordPress to run the site. I think the version was something like 2.6?!?! And, I recall finding this obscure Italian-authored theme with a non-standard layout. I liked the unusual layout. I believe that KaL version 2 last until 2010?!?

Not just the first, but each of the two previous iterations of Kal was a labor intensive exercise because the tools were more rudimentary and because they were mainly just for me. Although it would have be nice to have been read more, I had no real commercial aspirations for these. Rather, I took great value from the reflective learning I gained in the practice of blogging. Still, I vividly remember it being a lot of work.

This time around, I realize exactly what I’m up against and have every expectation to give KaL plenty of time and effort. This is a commercial enterprise and I hope to be motivated by the reward, but I also intend to get every bit of that reflective learning that was so valuable for me in the past. In fact, I intend to maximize/share that particular value to the greatest degree I can for my readers… giving more of myself and I hoping it makes the difference for them.

KaL version 3.0 is offered as a general resource for those who would benefit from information about a long list of topics. Most specifically KaL will cover knowledge work, professional and capability development, the iterative development of work skills, and self-improvement in areas such as interpersonal communication, systemic thinking, decision making and presentations. There will be a wide variety of similar topics covered by me and guest thought leaders as well. KaL also features a large knowledge work/capability development resources section. Finally KaL will serve as an access point for all my clients.


So again I welcome each and every one of you and look to advance the practice of knowledge work with your help and oversight.

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