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 KaL’s charter and my mission is to help knowledge workers and organizations achieve more. 

KaL is the primary website/blog of tyelmene. I hope you’ll find this site a welcome and rewarding place to be. I will chronicle and share my own learning journey here –  Blog.  I will go deep and wide into  knowledge work, capability development, professional development, knowledge management, organizational learning, systems thinking, workflow automation, work processes and procedures, work products and outcomes, best work practices, advanced and self-directed learning, information and data analysis and management, decision science, presentation skills, creative work skills, effective work productivity and devising one’s own professional purpose and many other  topics I care about.  And KaL will publish contributed insights from thought leaders in related fields. Additionally, you’ll find a catalog of books, papers, tools and more in –  Resources.  But mostly, this site is for you, the reader/consumer; see About. Together, I hope we can expand the practices of capability-developed knowledge work.

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• Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demands you face in your work life?
• Is the pace of change increasing in your industry?
• Is your technology limiting your ability to adapt/improve?

If so, ‘just doing more of the same’ may not work.
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